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Hair Care

Hot oil

When you get a hot oil treatment at Tulips, our stylists will apply warm oil to your scalp and hair to help feed, moisturise, and strengthen your hair. If your hair is dry or damaged, this treatment may be able to help restore its natural oils and enhance its health and appearance.

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Henna conditioning

Henna conditioning, a natural treatment popular in Tulips is known to improve the health of your hair and add a temporary natural dye effect

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Spa treatment

A day for the spa treatment will gift you a variety of pampering services, from a facial to massage, to a manicure pedicure to a full body massage

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Dandruff treatment

In order to treat dandruff and stop itching, a visit to Tulips will help you with the cleansing of scalp followed by the application of anti-dandruff product

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